Runyon Canyon and Apple Pie

So this weekend I went to Runyon for the first time in a couple of years. It’s a very different trail then the one I usually take in Griffith Park and I can definitely feel it. It is very important to change up your routine regularly, do different workouts because our bodies adapt very fast and you don’t get much out of it if you keep doing the same thing. From now on I think I’ll rotate the trails I take every week, don’t get too comfortable, keep surprising myself with what I can do.
Honestly, our bodies are amazing. It’s our brains that tell us we can’t do anymore but at that point you can always do at least 20-30% more.. (unless there is pain, of course then you stop. But I mean PAIN not just burn from the workout!)

A few years ago I did a half a marathon on a rowing machine. I was in pretty bad shape, hadn’t worked out in months but met some friends from the gym at a bar and they were gonna do the marathon the next day. I was drunk and said I’d join.
Then, so I wouldn’t be balls (can’t say pussy cause pussies are hardcore, balls are weak) I had to show up, on maybe 4 hours of sleep and I started rowing. About an hour in I felt like I was gonna faint. Another hour and I thought I was gonna die but then I managed to finish the whole thing in 2 hours and 20 mins I think..

You always have more in you than you think.
I now always force myself to go over 2 mins doing the plank. Even if my mind is going “duuuuude, stop, I beg you! You can’t do this!” I can and I will! (I know 2 mins isn’t that much but hey, it’s more than I used to be able to do a couple of months ago! That’s what this is all about. Being better than you were. That’s with everything in life I feel)

Yesterday I made an apple pie and I used a recipe I found online. Which was a total fuck-up cause I didn’t realize that he recipe told me to buy a crust and the rest was for some sugar-melt thing you pour over the apples (I know, I know, I need to read the recipe better before starting, I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately). Anyways, so I had to use 2 different recipes, one for the crust and another for sugar-melt thing, which I had already started to make on a pan which I had to turn off and the sugar-melt was all clumpy. It was a complete disaster and it was the ugliest pie I’ve ever seen but it was FUCKING DELICIOUS. I ate way too much of it. No wonder I felt like shit for like 4 hour afterwards haha! I’ll continue practicing making apple pie, combining recipes to make my own and when I feel like I’ve mastered it I’ll blog about it.

Anyways, I know I haven’t been blogging much, I just feel like I have very little to say lately.

Happy Monday, hang in there.


For those that litter: SHAME ON YOU! Yes I’m calling you out, I’m FURIOUS! I was driving yesterday behind a black Honda and the person in the passenger seat threw out an empty plastic bottle. I honked and if they looked back they must’ve seen me mouth things like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GARBAGE HUMAN!??” or something like that. I got SO angry! How difficult is it to throw something in the trash or better yet, recycle?

GAH sorry, rant over.

No, I’m not sorry actually. Just be a decent human and don’t litter.



Anyways, so the pesto I made was amazing, been eating a bunch of pasta with pesto, cottage cheese and chicken, except today, I brought leftover Orange Chicken (from Trader Joe’s, it’s so good! Just as good as going out, if not better!)

 That’s me, all the friggin’ time.


I finished that huge thing of ice cream I made with (accidental) double amount of sugar + snickers (not accidental, can’t just make ice cream and not put candy in it.. right?)
No wonder I’m craving sugar ALL THE TIME now.. I just can’t have candy and stuff like that in the house, I have to finish it! That reminds me of this one time, many years ago, I was sick (mono or some shit) and had to stay at home for like 2 weeks, I had to study my ass off to keep up and my mom felt so sorry for me so she bought me a bunch of candy, including a half a kilo (1.1 pound) of chocolate covered raisins. She probably assumed I would eat that over the next few days but noooo.
In just a couple of hours I ate more than half, felt really sick and I really didn’t want any more but for some fucked up reason I MADE MYSELF FINISH the whole thing. It was ridiculous! That’s me.. absolutely ridiculous.

So this week I’ve been working way more than usual, got more hours (YAY I can probably afford rent this month) so that’s why I’m not blogging a lot. I do post some stuff on my Instagram story so if you wanna follow me there my user name is @steinunnoskax

Happy Humping!

Homemade Ice Cream

So in my last blog post I said I’d tell you about the ice cream I made the night before:

I got the recipe from my mom and it has 125 grams of sugar (4.4 oz? I do metric, you figure it out)…

…I’m usually REALLY good with following recipes and I’m actually really good at baking (I’d like to think so at least) but this time I think my beautiful brain fucked me over.

—-A little side note. I’ve been limiting my sugar intake quite a bit lately, looking at labels, not buying anything with added sugar etc, so I can enjoy a huge bowl(s) of home made ice cream every once in a while without feeling guilty. And this is the reason I think my brain fucked me over—

I put 250 grams of sugar! I doubled the amount of sugar without even thinking about it. Without realizing it at all! Until my girlfriend tried the ice cream and told me it was REALLY sweet. I tried it and she was right, fucking aye. I thought to myself “why is it so sweet??” I followed my mom’s recipe exactly!! and hers is always so good! Then I started thinking back, grabbed my scale (it’s one of those that are NOT digital, I like old school) and realized my mistake. I think I’ve been craving sugar so badly that my brain just tricked me into doing it! I take no responsibility for this! It was my brain.. I have no control over it.

Oh well, I’ll still eat the whole fucking thing. Brain 1 – Steinunn 0.


I love pesto. So I made some. It’s delicious. MMMMMMM PESTOOOO

Recipe you ask?

2 cups fresh basil leaves
2 tbsp (I used 3) pine nuts
2 large garlic cloves

Put this all in a food processor (or mixer), with it running (where is it going? Hohoho) slowly pour
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.

Let mix till nice and.. mixed..

Add 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese and just mix for a few seconds.  I also added a bit of sea salt.

DELICIOUS. I’m a weirdo (but a very lovable weirdo that likes to eat) and mix it with cottage cheese and use as a side dish.

Man, I’m so articulate I should write a cooking book. HAH


On Saturday I went hiking, it was great! It’s getting a little cooler WOOHOO! No more looking like a puddle of sweat all day every day (and then freezing when you go into the office cause the AC is on full blast cause that’s real healthy…….)!
After hiking we did a 30 min -ish workout with the kettlebell (THE kettlebell, cause I only bought one).

It included
Kettlebell swing (we just swung like there was no tomorrow, no count)
15 squats x3
25 sit-ups x3
15 triceps extension x3

and some other stuff.. Can’t remember..

oh yeah I did the plank for 2 mins. I’m no Cher but not bad.. My goal is 5 mins like she can do.. at the age of 71… It’s ok I got some time

So my weaning off coffee is going great. I slept 3-4 hours last night so I’ve had about 18 pots of coffee today. Just lovely… FRESH POT

I was really good with my diet for a couple of weeks and I felt like I gained weight. Then I binged on dark chocolate peanut butter cups and the next day I felt lighter and my belly looked smaller. Ridiculous. I think it’s all in our heads. I guess my brain loves candy and pie and cake and ice cream (etc., etc.) so much that it’s tricking me into thinking it makes me look better. Hopefully, cause that would be really fucking great! But I really doubt it.

Talking about ice cream:

I made ice cream for the first time last night! I haven’t tried it yet (cause you know, it takes a while to freeze and I’m not one of those impatient people that can’t wait till something is ready.. I just licked the spoon a little.. ok a lot.. and the bowl.. and just all of it.. ). I’ll let you know if it’s good and then share the recipe. I’m sure it’s really good cause it’s a recipe from my mom, she’s the best cook and baker EVER and no matter how hard I try, following her recipes 10000%, I can never make things as good as she does. I think she cheats and gives me a slightly different recipe that what she does so I can’t get as good as she is.. No, I’m just kidding.. I think.. hmm..

Happy Monday people, be nice to each other.


I have this OCD thing where I can not have multiple tabs open on my browser unless I really, really need them all the time (No “I’ll need this in an hour” no no no, I close it and re-open an hour later) and I can not stand having unread emails or drafts. Right now there is 1 email that is just a link I sent to remind myself to read later and 1 draft that I can’t use till Friday and it is driving me crazy!!

Am I weird? Who am I kidding, of course I’m weird.. but that’s okay, I accept it and embrace it!

This morning my girlfriend and I went to brunch before I had to be at work for the first time ever I believe. We went to Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose in WeHo. If you haven’t been there, do yourself a favor and go! They are usually really busy, especially on the weekends, so I like to go on weekdays. We got there at 10.30 and we still had to wait 10 mins for a table. But I got the Vegan Organic Tofu Rancheros. I am not a vegan but this is my favorite food in L.A. besides the Peruvian food at Inti (also on Melrose). If you ever go to Blu Jam get their French Toast, they are famous for it. IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Ugh now I’m regretting not getting it this morning.. fuck.

Oh yeah!! I’ve actually been using the kettlebell I bought this weekend! Every day, a couple of times a day!! Just for like 3-5 minutes at a time but HEY that’s better than nothing!! I really like it. You just pick it up if you have a few minutes and do a few squats with it, rowing, pressing, russian twist and all that. Just make sure you keep your back straight and work with your legs and arms, not your back. Otherwise you could really injure yourself. Some of the exercises I remember require 2 kettlebells but I only have one (cheap ass) so I just adjust.

After brunch I brought about a third of my food back home with me, relaxed for a little and when I left, I think my gf reminded me 2 or 3 times to grab the leftovers with me and eat at work and of course I still forgot them. The box was literally by the door, by my shoes but noooo, my brain just wouldn’t recognize it. I am so unobservant there could be a human head on my table and I would just work around it.
Crazy, but that’s how it goes.. (anybody know that line?)

My Bee’s Wraps are coming today, I am so excited.. that sad?

Eh who cares! I’m awesome.


I finally bought a kettlebell this weekend! And my girlfriend bought those wrist weights for when we go hiking and to do exercises with a little added weight (they are light but it does make a difference).

I used to love kettlebells but haven’t been to one of those classes in a few years. They are a great way to help you get in shape. But you have to know HOW to use them, if you are doing it wrong (just like any exercises) you could do some damage. And we definitely don’t want that. I know how to use them for the most part but I’m definitely not a professional so I’m not gonna tell you what to do. Finding a proper class or a trainer would be the best way to go. Second option is finding online videos but there’s also a lot of crap out there so just be aware.

I am cheap so I just bought a 10 pound kettlebell for around $13 at Walmart (they charge so much more for heavier ones) but there is a lot you can do with it, I promise!

Breakfast was my normal almond smoothie (that I haven’t had in a while) and I made a lot (around 24 oz) so I drank it over at least 2 hours. It’s already 2.20 pm and I’m just starting to feel hungry. Well duh, I woke up at 9.30 and had the smoothie from 11-1 haha, making it all sound like I ate breakfast at 8 am like a normal person.
Since the only thing I brought with me to work was that smoothie and some fruit I’m contemplating going out for a very late lunch… tacos would be nice… OOOHHH chicken fingers and waffle fries.. mmm sounds even better… Shit now my mouth is watering thinking about it. $%&”#%!& …I’ll stick to my fruit.

My girlfriend started to get sun rashes when we went hiking so we haven’t gone for a few days. We have been meaning to go in the afternoon or in the morning but we are just so tired in the afternoon. And mornings.. well, you know me.. FUCK MORNINGS. I literally can not open my eyes for about 30 mins after I wake up. I sleep 5 hours or 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 and it doesn’t matter. I just don’t feel rested. So trying to wean off coffee has been a real challenge.


Alright, enough of my rambling.

Until next time…

Fuck, I really want waffle fries.

Bee’s Wraps

A week ago I was at work and I found out they had actually taken my suggestion (from 4 months prior) and switched out these tiny, red plastic straws they used as coffee stirrers and were now using wooden ones. I was so happy! I made a difference, even if it was a small one! And at my workplace, where I feel like nothing ever changes!
But my triumph didn’t last very long.. today I see they have brought back those incredibly useless straws that everyone just uses for 1 second to stir their coffee and then toss. COME ON PEOPLE, you’re better than this! At least fucking tryyy to be more aware how bad plastic is for the environment! Even if you recycle, that doesn’t mean the plastic just magically disappears.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. I am just so fucking disappointed.

Typically I bring my own bottle for water to work and my food containers are glass (although it has a plastic lid which sucks but these are gonna last me years). I almost never use straws, even at restaurants or bars. I always bring my own bags when I go grocery shopping and I never grab those thin plastic bags for fruit/veggies. I am not perfect AT ALL when it comes to this and I can always do better but at least I’m trying.

So many little things that make a difference. Next step for me is to buy Bee’s Wrap to store my food. It can last up to a year if you take good care of it! No more plastic wrap that’s not only bad for the environment but bad for us since we eat the food it covers!

“Bee’s Wrap is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax from the United States, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin.  This combination of ingredients creates a malleable food wrap that can be used again and again.”


What are the little things YOU do to make a difference? Let me know in the comments!


So since starting this blog that’s supposed to motivate me I’m pretty sure I’ve just gained fat (I don’t like to weigh myself often or talk about gaining weight cause you can be gaining a bunch of weight in pure muscle).

I won’t give up though, and that’s important. Don’t get discouraged just because it doesn’t happen right away! It can take time, it’s all very different for everybody.

I did weigh myself the other day and it was the same (ish) number as a month before but I feel like I’ve gotten a little more air in the tire around my waist.. But that’s okay, I’m gorgeous either way.

I really enjoy going hiking but it is so hard for me to leave my house to go hiking. Once I’m there I’m all “Hells yes, this is epic, I can’t believe it took my so long to get off my ass today to do this! Next time, I just gotta remind myself of this moment!”

Next time: “But I don’t waaaanna go hiking, I’m too tired, I think I’m getting a cold…. I should just stay home today and eat chocolate and watch Netflix, I think it’s necessary” Fuckin’ aye!

Or I go: “Hmm well, it’s getting kinda late, sun is going down soon and there is a lot of traffic BUT I don’t work till 12 tomorrow, I’ll go tomorrow morning.”
Fast-forward to the next day:
*Alarm at 8am* “WTF? I can sleep in today, I don’t have work till 12!”

Procrastinators unite! ..tomorrow!

Anyways, it might also have something to do with the fact that I’m not singing and performing anymore, I’m on vocal rest (which is probably why I’m just vomiting words on here) for a while. It burns a lot of calories to be on stage singing your lungs out and jumping and headbanging (you can tell I sing mostly soft jazz tunes……)

HIIT will start soon. SOON I TELL YOU!

Coffee addict

So I’ve been trying to give up coffee lately.
Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee and I know it has some health benefits (right?) but it unfortunately fucks up my stomach.
But since I’ve been drinking a LOT of it for the past few months (years, decades, centuries, who can remember?) if I don’t have a cup I get a pounding “I wanna stab myself in the eye” type of headache. In order to slowly wean off I’ve been getting by with just a sip here and there for the past few days. So when my boss asked me if I wanted coffee on him I of course said

YES PLEASE and had a big cup of black coffee..

.. I have no self-control.

And now I’m nauseous, fuck.

Anyways, my breakfast today was Cheerios with gluten-free granola from Trader Joe’s (btw, I don’t believe in the gluten free fad crap. The guy that first brought it to light DISPROVED it himself when he did more research. So.. it’s fake. There are people that are ALLERGIC to gluten YES, they have “celiac disease” but gluten-sensitivity doesn’t exist. (reference:, I accidentally bought the gluten free version) with blueberries, raisins and coconut milk from TJs. (can you guess where I do most of my grocery shopping?)

Image result for unsweetened coconut drink trader joe's
I love this stuff, I’m sure in a few months I’ll find out it’s really bad for you, and then again a few months later: nope, jk, it’s good for you.

Back to the gluten free fad.
If you wanna comment and tell me I’m wrong and that you feel so much better since you went gluten free I’m happy for you, that’s really great! But I don’t think it’s because you stopped eating gluten, it’s probably because gluten is in bread and stuff that’s bad for you and you now eat less of that so…

Anyways, no judgement, I’ve bought into a lot of crap to find out later the truth (don’t get me started on eggs).

Snack was some blueberries, strawberries and cauliflower. AND A BIG CUP OF COFFEE GAAAAHHHHHHRRR

Now I’m gonna inhale my lunch: bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Yup, I’m that girl.

Go moderation!


It’s incredibly hard to eat healthy at times. Especially when you’re not feeling well, physically or mentally. But it’s important to remember that if you eat healthy, it actually helps you feel better. Way better than any shitty food will make you feel, because then you won’t only feel shitty ’cause you’re sick or depressed but you’ll also feel guilty for eating a tub of ice cream and 18 cheeseburgers.

But believe me.. I am one of those people that when I get sick, I become the biggest baby ever.. I’m a total dude, I get the man-flu. Sorry not sorry guys, you’re the worst. And I’m just like you.. I have a sore throat and a cold (no fever) and I gotta stay home, lay in bed and be taken care of like a child. My girlfriend knows. Oh, she knows. Sorry babe.

And I feel so incredibly sorry for myself.. Then maybe my girlfriend gets sick too, she’s still up making music, going to class (as long as she’s not contagious.. DON’T GO TO SCHOOL/WORK IF YOU’RE CONTAGIOUS, FOR THE FUCKING LOVE OF PIE) and making dinner and being all superwomany..

….then she hears me calling from the bedroom: “baaaabe, can you bring me some tea, pleeease?? oh and can you bring the thermometer, I think I might have a fever” No you don’t you asshole, just stop.

Ugh, I’m the worst.

Anyways, it’s been really hot this week so we haven’t gone hiking since Saturday but been doing a little more than the normal 2 min. workouts. More like 3-4 minutes now. HEY IT’S AN IMPROVEMENT. Planning on some HIIT workouts Thursday or Friday. I used to do those a lot and they are amazing. I hope I don’t throw up..

Love and light.. or pie